Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online

top 7 Ways to Make Money Online

If you’re looking for legit ways to make money online, look no further!

Many people dream of being able to make money from home. I say many and not most because some people are perfectly content with working for someone else. Some people want to work from home, but simply don’t have the drive to actually do anything about it. Then there are those who want to work from home, or be their own boss, and are willing to stop at nothing in order to achieve success. That’s a great attitude to have, but can possibly get you into trouble. If you’re not careful, you can run into scams. You must do your research before wasting money on some get-rich-quick scheme you may encounter. These type scams have been around for decades, but since the internet came along, it’s gotten worse. When I first set out on the “entrepreneurship road,” I made sure to research every business opportunity I came across. I learned, some years ago, that if it was a legit work from home opportunity, it would be little to no cost to start. So, that was the rule I followed when looking for business opportunities. I’d say it was a pretty good rule to follow. I’ve done well in my ventures, but it wasn’t an overnight success story. It took time and lots of hard work on my part. I also had to learn the industry I was getting into. I made sure to educate myself. I found free tools that I was also able to use to generate a residual cash flow. Now, prior to all of this, I felt like I was wasting my life. I hit 30, and asked myself, “What have I done with my life? I’ve worked hard since I was 16, and here I am, still struggling to pay the bills. I’ve encouraged and motivated others to do well in life, but I’ve never took action to really better myself. I need to do something!” That’s when I decided I wanted to change my life. I wanted to have a purpose in life. I’m glad I chose the path I chose. I feel so much better about myself, and I know my future is going to be much brighter now. Let me just say, I have been at this for a short time, I am not rich, yet, but I have made money, and I’m not worrying about my bills getting paid. With the systems I am about to show you, your success will be determined by how well you network yourself and your business/es. DO NOT quit your job. Be sure you have some money available in your budget for promotional tools, such as business cards and flyers. With any business, you have to spend money to make money. So here are the tools I have used to make money online, that have allowed me to work from home, and be worry-free.

1. Learn the business with Wealthy Affiliates University.

Wealthy Affiliates is an online community that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online. Take the free training course, and learn how to set up your website. You’ll also receive 2 free websites when you join. The website, however, will be on a Siterubix domain, which it is preferred to have your website on your own domain. Wealthy Affiliates also offers webhosting in one of their packages if you decide you want to upgrade. I recommend Wealthy Affiliates to anyone who has started, or is thinking about starting, a website. This should be the first place you start. It will save you a lot of time by guiding you through the process of creating a quality site. You will also have the option of earning money through WA.

2. Set up a website with Global Domains, International.

With GDI, you’ll get your own domain, 2 free websites, and 10 free email addresses. No good webhosting service is free. If you want your website to do well, you will have to host it on your own domain. GDI offers webhosting and security for only $11 a month. They also offer referral bonuses. That makes GDI another source of income for you. Receive $100 for every 5 people you refer to Global Domains, International, along with other bonus opportunities.

3. Earn with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to bring in extra income. Once you have your website, and have created quality content for it, you should start finding affiliate programs to work with. I recommend Google AdSense. They place targeted ads on your site, and you receive money for each click, for FREE. The amount paid to you is determined by the amount the company the ad is for is willing to pay. It can range from $0.01 to $100 per click. You should follow Wealthy Affiliates advice and create a Privacy Policy for your website. It is required in order to be approved for Google AdSense. It may take up to a month to be approved, but that gives you time to create content for your site. You may also want to become an Amazon Affiliate. Pick ads that relate to your website, and add them to your sidebars. You will get paid a set amount for each item purchased through your site. With EPage Classifieds, you’ll receive 10% of each purchase through your site. They sell cars and houses, so 10% of a house is a lot of money!

4. Make Money with ZNZ.

ZNZ pays $40 for each person you refer to take advantage of trial offers from Fortune 500 companies. All you need to do is complete offers that add up to 1.00 credit, and then you’ll receive your referral link. Advertise your business through your website, or free or paid classified pages. I can even send you pre-written ads that you can post to online classifieds or offline newspaper ads. Request your list in the comments section. This is an awesome opportunity that you DO NOT want to pass up.

5. Join Linen World for FREE!

Linen World has been in business for 36 years, and offers products for pretty much everybody, so this direct sales business isn’t just for women. Anyone who is 18 or over can become a consultant for FREE. Earn money through internet shows, catalog shows, and in-home shows. Receive great discounts and rewards when you become a Linen World consultant.

6. Become an Xpressionista!

You can become an Xpressionista for as little as $10! You’ll receive 30% commission on all sales, you’ll enjoy a 30% personal discount, 5%-3% downline commissions, an always free website, a back office equipped with analytics so you can track all of your clicks. You’ll also be invited to the corporate Facebook page, which contains many files and documents that will help you to grow your business. If you ever need any help, the support is great, and you will usually receive a response within 24 hours. Endless Xpressions has been the best direct sales company I’ve ever been a part of. There are no inventory requirements, you’re only required to log in to your back office at least every 90 days, and you will have a very small quota of at 1 purchase every 90 days. There is no minimum purchase requirements. Endless Xpressions offers beautiful jewelry, imcluding affordable stailess steel floating lockets. All jewelry is nickel and lead free, and is available at affordable prices. They offer a large selection of leggings, handbags, and much more. So, if you love fashion, and want to make money from home, EX is where it’s at! Even if you don’t want to earn money, you can still join just for the 30% discount!

7. Now that you have your businesses, get FREE leads.

Once you have joined the above, I recommend you start getting leads. No leads, no business! Leads are potential clients/recruits for your business. Every successful marketer has a lead system. I found a way to get 67+ FREE leads daily when I joined the Power Lead System. In order to get the most out of your PLS, you should definitely upgrade to the one time $7 fee package. With this upgrade, you’ll receive more tools and help for getting leads. You’ll also receive $6 for every person who you refer to PLS and upgrades to the $7 package. Or, increase your commissions with other upgrade packages. (I would stick to learning how to network your lead system before upgrading any higher than the $7 upgrade.) You can also use PLS to promote your website, or any other business; such as your direct sales company.

And there you have it… That’s how I went from being a nobody to being a SOMEBODY! I’m so glad I took the steps to better myself. I’m bringing in extra money, and I started with little money to invest. The more money you have to invest, the more successful your business. Just because you have little money doesn’t mean you can’t succeed, you’ll just have to work your way up like I’m doing. I gain more success with the more knowledge I receive, so study up on the industry and check back here often for other tips or help.

If you need help with your at-home business, ask a question in the comments. I look forward to helping you succeed.