Reversible Slouch Bag – Free Pattern


I absolutely love to sew. It’s very rewarding, and somehow, it seems to relieve my stress.  It gives you a sense of pride and confidence whenever you turn nothing into something. You could say I have an addiction. I stay up until the sun comes up just sewing, sometimes. I spend hours searching for the perfect pattern to satisfy whatever “craving” I’m having at the time. So, what I am trying to say is, my name is Sammie, and I am addicted to sewing and free printable patterns. Because of my addiction, I have accumulated quite the stash of free patterns I’ve found online. Amongst my latest, and my favorites, is this cool reversible slouch bag pattern from This pattern was so fun to make, and if you’re a beginner, and haven’t sewed darts yet, this pattern is the perfect teacher. You will no longer be intimidated by darts after you’ve made this bag. My only problem with the pattern, the straps weren’t long enough for me. So, I added an extra 3″ to the straps, easy fix. So, go ahead, and go get your free pattern from Very Purple Person. I would love to see your bag when you’ve finished, so please, feel free to leave a photo in the comments. If you like my bag, and would like to purchase, you can find it in the Sammie Sew Sew store.

Happy Sewing!