Promote Your Business with These 7 Tips

Promote Your Business

When owning a business, the #1 thing you need to do is get CUSTOMERS.  How do you get customers? You promote your business. There are many ways to promote your business, and I’ve listed what I think are some great advertising tools. Once you get some ideas, you’ll be able to come up with your own fresh and unique ideas.

1. First thing you need to do is order some business cards.

There are many places online to purchase your cards, but I’ve found that Vistaprint has the best deals. You can order 500 cards starting at $9.99. Click here for 20% off your Vistaprint order. They will allow you to design your own, and even add your company logo or personal photograph, or both. Once you have your cards, you will need to leave one everywhere you go.  Also, start making goodie bags. Goodie bags may contain your business card, any brochures/catalogs your company may have, samples of your product (if available), and maybe some candy. Once you have your goodie bags made, then you can start distributing them. I suggest going to daycares and asking if it would be okay to give the kids goodie bags. If they say yes, then you may tell the children they can have the candy, but please give the card, brochures, and/or samples to their parents. You may also go to hospitals, and ask if they do new baby bags. New baby bags are given out for free to people who have had a baby. You should ask if you may add your goodie bag, card, or catalog/brochure to their bag. You should also go to apartment/condo offices, or even open houses, and ask if you may set up a display for your goodie bags. You may also want to offer a discount or sample to the people who allow you to set up your display.

2. Promote your business with a website.

If you’re in direct sales, you may have a website that was created by the company. This is great, but you need a blog to drive people to your company website. I suggest Global Domains International. They have a cheap monthly fee of $10 per month, or $11 per month if you would like to add domain security. Here you’ll be allowed to create up to 10 free email addresses, which is great if you have multiple businesses. You will also receive commission for referring people to sign up with GDI, so it’s also an income opportunity. Once you have your domain set up, you can begin building your WordPress and/or Site Builder sites. Once you have those set up, you can start blogging. Your blog is what’s going to drive traffic to your company webpage. Be sure to write a blog post at least 3 times per week, and add tag words that pertain to your post so that the search engines will bring your posts up first. Registering your website with search engines is also a great way to promote your business. is a site that will register your website to 20 search engines including Google.

3. Join a forum.

Forums are great places to build relationships with people, and promote your business. Search for forums that have something to do with your type of business. For example, if you have an arts and crafts business, join arts and crafts forums. Once you have registered in a forum, you should participate in discussions, and build relationships with other forum members. Do not start advertising your business right away. They will see you as a spammer, and could possibly boot you out of their forum. Earn their trust first, then, if someone asks about your business, you may post your links.

4. Promote your business with a Facebook page or group.

Facebook is a great way to advertise your business for free. They allow you to create your own pages, groups, and events, and it’s very easy to do. Once you have your page or group created, invite or add your friends, and ask them to share your page. When posting in your group or page, include pictures and links. Facebook thinks that if a post has links and photos it has informative content, therefore they will make sure these posts appear at the top of newsfeeds. You should also use Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to promote your business. Add hashtags to your Instagram posts so that they will reach others that do not follow you, but are looking for specific posts related to those hashtags. Therefore, you’re appealing to those who may want your product.

5. Use classified sites to promote your business.

Another great way to advertise your business would be to post on free classified sites such as Craigslist, AdPost, EPage Classifieds, etc. You may place your ads for free, but make sure to follow the posting rules. Each company has different rules, so read them, and abide by them, so that your ad may be successful.

6. Use flyers to promote your business.

Print flyers with tear away strips that include your website, email, phone, etc. Once you have your flyers, go to grocery stores and ask if you may place your flyer, or business card, on their bulletin boards. Many people are looking for ways to increase their income, so this will be great for bringing in other consultants/affiliates. Place your flyers anywhere you’re allowed.

7. Take your products to craft fairs and other vendor events.

If you have products that you are selling, contact your local Chamber of Commerce, and inquire about upcoming vendor events. Vendor events are a great way to sell your products and recruit members to your team. There will be a small fee to set up, but make sure you have plenty of product on hand, and make sure to give your card to everyone who stops by.

There are many great ways to promote your business, and if you’re willing to put in the work, you should be successful no matter what kind of direct marketing business you have. If you would like to start your own direct marketing business, Linen World is a great place to start. It’s totally free to join as a consultant and start selling, you will receive a website for free, and they have products for everyone! I hope these tips help you to succeed in your business. Good luck!

If you have any tips on how to promote your business that you would like to share, please leave them in the comment section below. Would love to hear your ideas!