Introducing: Maëlle (Video)

Introducing: Maëlle


Have you ever wished an opportunity would just fall right into your lap?  I sure have!  Well, it just so happens, this week, an amazing opportunity fell right into my lap…  Being the opportunity seeker that I am, I jumped on it!  I am extremely excited about this new company that has been awarded The Rising Star Award by the DSMA- Direct Sales Management Association.  The Rising Star Award is given to direct sales companies that have excelled in their first year of business.  The products offered by Maëlle are taking the world by storm.  Founded and started in the UK, the company quickly expanded into the US, and has recently launched in Ireland, and some parts of Canada.  The reason these countries are accepting Maëlle, is the fact that the products actually do what they say they will, and are proving to be the next BIG thing.  With products, such as, Wrinkles Away! that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles within minutes, and the amazing opportunity they are offering, Maëlle is on it’s way to becoming one of the best direct sales companies ever started.  Maëlle Mentors earn bonuses and exotic trips, where they stay at 5 star luxury resorts, when they complete their goals.

Check out our Secret Illuminator in the video below…

Maëlle's Secret Illuminator

A good night's sleep in a flash! The Secret Illuminator is a best seller! Every woman's best friend! This light-reflecting concealer covers dark circles, blurs fine lines and wrinkles, and highlights the brow bone. Our silky, dual-action formula conceals imperfections and illuminates complexion, even on delicate areas around the eye. Dermatologically tested. Discover this and other amazing products at

Posted by Maëlle By Sammie on Friday, December 30, 2016

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