How to Remove Baked-On Grease from Baking Dishes


Get rid of that unsightly baked-on grease with one simple ingredient.

Baking Soda.  Baking Soda works great for a lotta things.  It makes a great exfoliate, or spot treatment for acne. It’ll also leave your teeth feeling ah-mazing if you use it as a toothpaste.  Next time you clean your stove,  sprinkle some over those areas where you had a spillover, and it burnt to the stove top,  and scrub with warm water and a rag.

So, how do you remove the baked-on grease from those baking dishes? Grab the Baking Soda, and a steel wool scrubber, a rag, if it’s metal, you don’t want to scratch the metal. Then, sprinkle the Baking Soda over the greasy areas,  and scrub with the rag or steel wool.  You’ll probably have to scrub harder with the rag.  Rinse.  You’re done. I cleaned the dish above in about 5 minutes. I was so happy it got it off,  because I just got the dish about a year ago, and, now,  it looks brand new again!

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