How to Get a Free Subscription to Website Magazine

How to get a free subscription to website magazine

As a blogger, I’m constantly researching, and looking for the newest tips and tools in website development, internet marketing, etc. About 6 months ago, I ran across a link for a free subscription to Website Magazine. I LOVE free stuff! I don’t care what it is! A lot of times, free stuff is worth the price you didn’t pay for it ;), but this free item ended up becoming a very important tool for my blogging success. It has become my blogging Bible. I’ve learned so much from this magazine, already. I don’t know what I would do without it! Sign up was so very easy, and there truly was no catch. I just filled out the short form, answered a few questions, then waited to be approved for the free subscription. They approved me almost immediately. Once I was approved, I started receiving the printed version within a couple of months. I was also given free access to the online magazine for PC, tablets, and mobile phones. I did, however, have to provide a valid URL to my blog/website in order to be approved. So, if you’re a blogger, or website developer, I highly recommend signing up for your free subscription. Website Magazine allows you to keep up with the latest in SEO, website plug-ins, apps, technology, lead generation, analytics, and so much more. You can’t afford to NOT subscribe. They have also just launched their very own affiliate program. If approved, you will get paid $2 for every person who is approved for their FREE subscription! That’s right, this magazine also comes with it’s very own business opportunity! I applied and was approved within 7 days. I’ve been an affiliate for 3 days now, and I’m already seeing some cash flow from it! I mean, come on! Who doesn’t LOVE free stuff? Bloggers and web developers are jumping on this awesome opportunity, you should definitely be one of ’em.

Register for your free subscription below. I guarantee you won’t regret it.
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