Endless Xpressions $1 Join Special

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Yes, it definitely is! It’s the time of the year when it’s only $1 to join Endless Xpressions!  That’s only $1 to start your own business.  That $1 can help you bring in an extra income, so that you may spend more time with your family by working from home.  Be your own boss, and set your own hours.  Work whenever and wherever you want.  As an Xpressionista, you can put in as little as an hour a day, and earn a little extra money to help with those bills,  or to buy something you’ve really wanted for a long time. You can also turn your business into a full-time job,  and start working towards that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take. At Endless Xpressions, the possibilities are endless!  With the Bulk Buys and wholesale kits that are available for representatives, you can have fun selling awesome products at parties,  vendor events,  or anywhere else you want to sell them. Reps earn 30% commission on orders from their website, they receive a 30% personal discount available at time of purchase, 5% commissions on 1st tier downline’s sales, and 3% commissions on 2nd tier downline’s sales.  With the Bulk Buys and wholesale kits, you can earn over your 30% commission!  Endless Xpressions offers only high quality products,  such as, buttery soft leggings that don’t fall apart, and are almost half the price of those other legging companies, lead and nickel free jewelry, highly scented candles with and without jewelry, jumbo bath bombs, and soooooo much more all without a high pricetag!  There are no quotas, no inventory requirements, no monthly website fees, free back office, only one small requirement to stay active, and that is to login to your back office at least once every 90 days.  Endless Xpressions also did away with the non-compete clause, so,  you can represent other companies with similar products, as well.  I’ve been with EX for 2 years, now,  and I absolutely love being an Xpressionista! I love earning extra money every month to help my hardworking husband not have to work as much. I love the support I get from not only my fellow Xpressionistas, by the actual owners of the company,  who are veterans, and are almost always available to help out any way they can. EX truly is a big ol’ happy family.  Everyone is super supportive, and helpful.  So,  if you’d like to join our family,  and we would love to have you, fill out the application here. Choose your website name,  which will be incorporated into your link. It can be whatever you like,  for example,  mine is samanthasxpressions, just make it all lower case and one word. (When it asks for sponsor ID, you may add samanthasxpressions in the box, or ask your EX rep for theirs.)  I would love to have you on my team, and help you become the best Xpressionista you can be ☺. Once you’ve submitted the application, create a store account at Endless Xpressions using the same email used on the application, login and scroll down to INFORMATION and click KIT OPTIONS. Add the $1 option, or any kit option, to your cart,  and purchase. Then all you need to do is wait 24-48 hours for your approval email. Then,  you’re all set.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you buy. The $1 Join Special ends July 17, 2017,  so,  hurry!