3 Legitimate Work at Home Business Opportunities

3 Legitimate Work At Home Business Opportunities

Are you looking for a legitimate way to work from home? Do you know you want to join a direct sales company, but just aren’t sure which one you should choose? Let me help! As most of my readers know, I work in direct sales, and I like to share my opportunities with EVERYONE! I’ve been an Endless Xpressions Xpressionista and a Linen World Consultant now for almost 2 years, and I absolutely LOVE both companies. Why did I choose EX and LW? Well, for one, the fact that you can join for little to no money is amazing! It allows anybody to start their own business without having to pay an arm and a leg for start up.  The other reason I chose these companies was because of the variety of products both companies offered. With EX, you have everything fashion, and with LW, you have everything you need for your home.  I felt both companies provided women, and men, with useful products that would last awhile.  Yes, I could have joined some kind of cosmetics company, but I know I don’t want to pay $30 for a tube of friggin’ mascara, and I doubted that anybody else I knew of wanted to, either. Therefore, I chose companies that would provide my customers with quality, useful, and affordable products.  However, many of my customers would ask me if I sold makeup… I mean, I had everything else a girl needs, why wouldn’t I have makeup to offer?  As bad as I wanted to offer cosmetics, I didn’t want people to have to pay outrageous prices for it.

Then, one day, the owner of Endless Xpressions announced the grand opening of their sister company, Hodge Podge! I had to jump on this ground floor opportunity while I had the chance!  So, I headed on over to their site, and found out that it was free to join, until November 15, 2016, AND they had cosmetics, including a one-step Fiber Fused Mascara that uses fibers to make your lashes longer and fuller, just like that other company that offers a 2-step process and charges $30, except Hodge Podge’s Fiber Fused Mascara is only $17.99! They also offered those cool candles that contain jewelry inside, BUT with Hodge Podge, you can choose whether the jewelry is inside the wax or inside the lid!  That’s right, no waiting and no digging!! And, even better, if you choose to get your jewelry inside the lid, you get to choose what type of jewelry, and what size rings you get!  They also have Rewards Candles in which you can get free shipping codes, free product, jewelry valued at $50 and up, and many other cool prizes.  As I continued to browse, I found they also offered bath and body products, such as their handmade, tennis ball sized fizzy bath bombs, along with handmade soaps, essential oils, wax warmers and melts, delicious homemade fudge and taffy, and so much more!!  Now, I literally have EVERYTHING a girl needs!  Customers also earn Rewards Points when they purchase select products, in which they can redeem for free products!  I think my favorite part about Hodge Podge, is the Shop For A Cause category.  When customers purchase products from this category, they donate the proceeds to help veterans battling PTSD and TB!  The owners of the company are veterans themselves! Just another reason Hodge Podge is awesome!

With Hodge Podge, I get 20% commission on all sales through my website, and I also get a 22% personal discount on orders I place.  I also get a small percentage on my downlines’ sales through 2 levels. There are no monthly or yearly fees, no quotas, and no start up fees or kits to buy.  I’m extremely happy I found Hodge Podge, and am super excited about all the great things happening with the company.  I cannot wait to grow with this company as a ground floor affiliate! 

Update 12/14/2016: I am extremely excited to announce that Endless Xpressions has merged with their sister site, Hodge Podge!  This means all great products from both companies are now all together in one place. Making Endless Xpressions your one-stop-shop for all your fashion, accessories, candles, cosmetics, and bath and body needs!  

Update 10/27/2017: Endless Xpressions has become even BETTER!  Since merging with Hodge Podge, we have done away with ALL quotas, and no longer have a compete clause. You may join our awesome company, and still remain with the company(ies) you’re already with, as long as your other company(ies) are cool with it.  Now, when you join, you have your choice of 2 kits: $20 basic starter kit or the $69 full starter kit. (Products in kits are randomly selected.)

If you’re interested in joining either of these wonderful companies, please feel free to click on their links and head over to fill out the applications. Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section, and I will get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

Endless Xpressions / Hodge Podge Merger