19 Tips For Building Your Downline

19 Tips for Building Your Downline

So, you’ve begged and hounded your family and friends to join in on your opportunity, and all that did was make your loved ones run and hide, or hit the ignore button, whenever you show up or call. Anyone who has ever been in the MLM or Direct Sales business knows that your family and friends are not going to be the ones to get your business off the ground. You would think they would trust you, and would want to help, but truth is, most of them couldn’t care less about your business. They’ll ask you, “Why are you doing this?” That’s because they aren’t your target audience. Your target audience wants to hear about your opportunity. They will come to YOU looking for information on your business or products because it’s what they are looking for. Your friends and family may not be business minded like you. Maybe they’re happy at their 9-5 job, and have no intentions of leaving their beloved boss. You, however, are your own boss, and you work when you want. When you start really bringing in a steady cash flow, some of those who asked, “Why are you doing this?” will now be asking, “How are you doing this?” Others, well, they’re still happy making a set salary every week, and don’t really have an interest in making more money. So, how do we find our target audience? Building your own SEO friendly website with great content is a good place to start, but your marketing shouldn’t stop there. I’ve gathered 19 tips for how to build your downline, and some could be used to help boost your sales.

19 Tips For Building Your Downline

  1. When choosing the company you would like to work with, make sure it’s a reliable company. You don’t want to promote something that is a scam. You thought your friends and family were running from you earlier, just wait until they are banging on your door ready to kill you for scamming them, even though you didn’t know it was a scam.
  2. Remain consistent with your promotions. Promote your links or products on a consistent basis. If you’re promoting your link or product on classified sites, such as Craigslist, you should renew your ad daily. If you have a Facebook page for your business, post at least 3 times a week. Remember the 80/20 rule when posting to social media sites. Make 80% of your posts informational, inspirational, or personal, while using the other 20% for selling and promoting.
  3. Learn from others who are successful. Ask your upline for help when needed. If your company, or upline has meetings, GO! These meetings provide great learning opportunities, and you will learn techniques from those who have been successful in your business.
  4. Use your company’s training program. Most MLM or direct sales businesses will have some kind of training. Their training may just be a PDF you need to download, or they may have you request to join the company’s Facebook group for training. Either way, take the training! If it’s a Facebook training group, read all of their files, and ask questions if they weren’t answered in the files. Someone in your group should be able to help you.
  5. Take lots of notes on everything you learn so that you can pass the information along to your recruits so that they may easily duplicate your success. This will help them to stay motivated and less frustrated.
  6. Target the right types of prospects. You’re looking for people who have done MLM / direct sales, and business opportunity seekers. These are the people that will come to you for information on your company.
  7. Visit places like MLMleads.com or InfoUSA.com to find mailing and phone lists of people interested in MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and home business.
  8. Create 2 phone scripts. One for those who respond to your flyers, cards, etc., and one for those you cold call from your lists. Use scripts from your company, if available, but make sure to tailor them to fit your needs and personality. Include brief information about your company and/or your company’s products. Also, inform them of how much money they could potentially earn with your company.
  9. Ask questions such as, why they are interested in MLM, how much they want to earn, and whether or not they can afford to get involved with your opportunity.
  10. Get to know your prospects. MLM and direct sales is all about creating lasting relationships. When you take time to get to know your prospects, they will feel more comfortable with you, and are more likely to join in on your opportunity.
  11. Make sure they know it requires an investment of time and money. Every successful business requires some kind of investment. You will always need time to invest, of course, but while some MLM or direct sales companies are free to join, you will still need to invest some money into advertising and marketing. It is possible to succeed without paying for advertising and marketing, but it takes a lot longer, and is a lot more work. So, it’s good to be able to invest some money into your business. You have to spend money to make money!
  12. Create a sense of urgency to get people into your business immediately. Tell them it will take time to learn the system, so it’s best to get started right away.
  13. Make sure all of your prospects know that you will always be available to assist them. Also, be sure to follow through with that promise.
  14. Send postcards or call prospects from phone lists everyday, or as often as you can. Increase the number of postcards and calls everyday, all of which will help you to build your downline.
  15. Place classified ads in Network Marketing Magazines, such as, “Success Opportunities” or “Home Business”.
  16. Post your website URL, or uniform resource label, in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Alta Vista.
  17. Keep your network marketing plans as simple as possible so that your downline may easily duplicate your success.
  18. Provide people with bits and pieces of info at a time. Too much info at once may overwhelm your prospect and send them running. Give information in stages. Ask them if they have any questions. This will help you to give the information without it overwhelming you or your prospect.
  19. Set up a newsletter for your website. Email marketing is the best way to recruit and make sales. Allow your website subscribers or visitors to sign up for your newsletter. This will help build your lead list. When creating newsletters, be sure to provide quality, informational content the majority of the time. Other times, you may send an email saying something like, “Hey, if you’re interested in learning more about (your company), check this out.” Provide your promotional link, and if they’re interested, you may get a sign up or sale.  Avoid using words such as free, buy, sell, business, or opportunity. These words set off a trigger, and your newsletter may end up in their spam folder.

Follow these tips, and you should be on your way to creating your downline. If you have any questions or tips, feel free to comment. I’m always happy to hear from fellow business-minded people who want to share or learn.

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